1. Create your own raw data and name your variables which supposed you want to have a 2 2 x 2 factorial design. If n = 19 for each cell and all assumptions have been assumed to be normal and homegen among those groups, test your hypotheses by applying SPSS, and show it in form of print out. Alpha will be determined by SPSS.

2. Supposed you have 7 variables to be researched by using causal analysis and find out its empirical model after you have calculated its matrix correlation and come up with phi coefficient which indicating direct and indirect effect among those variables involved with your own data and naming your own latent variables.
All requirements have been assumed such as normality, linearity and homogenity. Each pairing data consists of 19 sample and test all your hypotheses at .05. Print it out all its calculated results after applying SPSS and draw your empirical model manually.

– your answers should be separated by using papers after you did its print out.
– submit your hard copy, directly not later than Tuesday, 16 January 2018, at 1 – 2 PM, at 4th floor, INDIVIDUALLY and bring your lap top to show how you work.
– no excuse for obey the schedule
– good luck


1.If you want to test the theoretical model by involving 7 latent variables which consist of exogeneous and endogeneous variables,related to environmental education, try to formulate its hypotheses.

2. Create your own variables which is able to distinguish when you apply experiment and or ex post facto, by 2 x 2 factorial design both, then formulate its research problems either one of those methods.

3. Which one of these research types is or are related to its function is improve something, experiment, ex post facto, path analysis, R & D, or correlational study, and explain why?

– your answers are your comments on this blog
– do not to draw any figure you have already known
– submit it not later than Saturday 13 Jan 2018 at mid nite
– good luck

Mid test

Which one has higher diversity index between….and why
A. Forest floor vs estuarine
B. Tropical rain forest vs Toba lake in Medan
C. Lobster at coral reef vs lobster at the beach
D. Penguin at safari garden cisarua vs penguin in north antartic
E. tiger in north sumatra forest vs tiger in kalimantan forest

Final test

How to cut the CO emission to decrease green hous gas is one of the problems in RED+ Program to over come global warming and ozon depletion. Its impact as we do believe that bio diversity tend to be decreasing which followed by scare species extinction. Moreover, the exploitation of natural resources irrationally continues inevitable due to development process which is aimed at meeting the basic human needs instantly. Based on this short cases, what environmental problem/s might be be able to be created and how to solve it by applying as many as ecological concepts that you have already learned.

– your answers will be your comments on this blog
– submit it ONCE not later than Friday 12 January 2018 at mid nite
– good luck

Mid test
Most of the time, we have seen that some of students behave were not normally who really they are, tell us what students behavior could be related to their learning memory and how to overcome if you feel that you have high personality competence as a teacher.

Final test
Sometimes, during you are teaching your students in the classroom, you show that some of them are sleepy, you are listening a dirty word, or the other students get upset and felt disappointed by others, could you explain why these phenomena happened and how do you relate it to learning process based on biological psychology that you have learned so far.

– your answers are your comments on this blog
– submit it not later than Tuesday 9 January 2018 at mid nite
– miss you all except boys
– the more concepts you use the better your score will be
– good luck and happy new year

Mid test
If you were one of staffs, tell me what steps to be taken into account when you have been assigned to develop such kind of vission, mission, objectives and values of your institution where you are supposed to support. Moreover, give me an example of your vision statement where your institution has a vision which environment is a priority to be well managed.

Final test

Where is a time for placing a vital role of leadership along path of strategic management whether at strategic planning, implementation or controlling, especially when environmental problems to be one of barriers in developing five year strategic planning, tell me why?

– your answers are as your comments on this blog
– submit them ONCE not later than Monday 8 January 2018 at mid nite
– happy new year and good luck

Some factors such as
Leadership of school principal
Interpersonal communication
School culture
Teachers and students motivation, etc.
have been argued to be powerful factors in influencing school climate/atmosphere. Tell me why? Try to relate it to Maslows’hierarchical theory of human basic needs.

-your answer is your comment on this blog
-submit it ONCE not later than 6 Jan 2018 at mid nite
-miss you all and happy new year
-good luck

1. A researcher wants to test her hypothesis
at .05, Whether there is difference of students
Knowledge about basic ecology between those
who taught by PBL + Website (X) and others
who taught by PBL+ Lecture. However,
unfortunately, one of those group has
data which was not derived from sample
that was not from population which was
normally distributed. Data as follow

X : 8,7,7,6,6,9,9,9,8,7,7,8,9
Y : 7,7,5,5,5,6,6,6,8,8,9,6,9,6,7,7,9

2. Help your friend who does not understand
statistics to verify her hypohesis which
stated that there is positive
relationship between self efficacy (X) and
students motivation (Y), if the pairing
data as follow; (use .01 level).
X: 8,9,9,9,8,8,7,7,6,6,7,8,6,6,7,7,8,8,9,7,7,7,6

3. There were 5 male students who got score in sciences between 4-6, 15 male students got score between 6.1 – 8, and 10 male students got score 8.1 – 10, moreover, there were 7 female students got score between 4-6, 13 female students got score of 6.1 – 8, and
25 female students got score of 8.1 – 10. After you display a figure of that design, test this hypothesis at .01 which stated..”there is depedancy between students learning outcome in sciences and students gender.”
– write your comment on this blog as like this
“happy new year with statistics” then
– answer it at a brown paper as usual and
– bring them (+flash disk assignments) to me
on Monday 8 January 2018.
– have a wondefull new year 2018, miss you all
Dec. 29 2017

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