Mid and final test
Explain rationally by applying as many as
OB concepts related to why at the organization
sometime we witness it, there are a variety
of bad or good behavior occur and tend to
be conflict among them.

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Mid and final test
Schoolleadership has a vital role in
encouraging all elements ar school to be
more active in campaigning that our ecosystem
should be protected.
Explain why and find out other as many as educational management concepts, for example school climate, that
assumed to be relevant to support those
activities at schools…

The same as mentioned on climate
change notes

Mid and final test
You have studied and discussed around 12 topics on capita selecta, which topics are
relevant closely to SD’Gs (17 items)… describe and why….


Mid and final test
Why some people like and concern with
the environment and other do not, explain
it by applying several related concepts of
environmental psychology that you have learned.

Mid and final test
Try to find out one of the items related to
Paris agreement which is relevant to one of
SD’G, and applicable for Environmental
Education at all level of education in Indonesia, describe its relationship and Why?

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– submit it not later than Sunday 30 July 2017
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Mid test
1. You have an hypothesis stated that there is means different of students adversity between high (X)and low (Y) self efficacy,” so test it at .05 if data as follow and it was found that data was not derived from population which was normally distributed,
X: 8,9,7,6,7,7,8,8,6,8,7
Y: 7,6,6,6,7,8,7,7,8,7,9,7,7,6

2. Your research design is 2 x 2 factorial design and you will find data as follow
A1B1: 8,9,9,7,7,8,9,9,8,9,8,8,9,9,7,7,8,9,8
A1B2: 6,8,8,6,7,6,7,6,7,7,6,6,8,6,6,7,7,6,8
A2B1: 7,7,6,6,6,7,8,7,6,7,8,6,6,7,7,6,8,7,6
A2B2: 8,9,9,8,7,7,7,8,8,9,9,8,7,6,6,9,8,8,8
Test those hypotheses derived from this design at .05 or .01 which is the main effect is A and simple effect is B.

Final test
In preparing your thesis you want to find out the relationship among these variables, locus of control (X1), personal responsibility (X2) and students pro-ecology behavior (Y), data showed as follow
X1: 30,33,32,35,35,33,33,32,39,33,35,32,30,33,35
X2: 77,77,79,89,87,88,78,77,79,88,89,87,78,77,77
Y: 67,56,60,68,68,65,60,67,67,69,60,68,67,65,68,
All pairing data follow the same sequence of those data and test all hypotheses at .05. Do not forget to follow the rule, calculate, verify and interprete,,,
– your answers should be at separate papers and you just write your comment on this blog “Statistics makes me more logic” to indicate that you open this items test
– submit your papers answers on Thursday, 27 July 2017 at class
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Mid test
1.If you want to select 196 senior high school bio teachers, represented DKI Jakarta, tell us all steps related to sampling procedure to be applied for your research.
2. Tell us all steps about non-cognitive instrument development by choosing one of your favorite variable that you are going to measure!

Final test
The title of your friend thesis is “the effect of instructional leadership (transformational vs transactional) and personality (extravert vs intravert) on bio teachers motivation”
A. What research method you can tell her? And why?
B. Formulate its research problems
C. Formulate its research hypotheses

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– you have to up load only once, more than once you will not get score
– submit it not later than wednesday, 26 july 2017.. at 12.00 noon

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